Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pacific Ocean-Ship Pollution

Pacific Ocean-Ship Pollution

I am interested in this subject because I read many articles pertaining to it , and I

like the ocean. I care about the fish and animals in every ocean, especially the Pacific

ocean. Pollution is anything added to the ocean like chemicals, oil, and garbage , that can

cause many diseases and problems for all living things. Pollution is very a serious

problem in the State of California , and we should do some thing about it. The pollution

is a really big risk for people and it is a global problem Ocean pollution is often caused

by ships which carry many materials through the ocean. According to Jane (2005 ), one

–quarter of the pollution in the Los Angeles area would come from ship traffic. The

problem is that some chemicals and oil spread in the ocean and cause pollution. These

chemicals pollute the water and kill many fish and animals. According to Richard (2006),

pollution kills 17 percent of sea’s living things. Pollution can infect humans by causing

illnesses. Pollution will increase in California’s Ports in the next few years. According to

George (2006) ,pollution will increase and it will be responsible for killing many fish and

animals. People in California complain about this problem and they want to live good

lives. According to George (2006),while people want to earn a good living, they do not

want to pay with their lives and health .

The federal government should solve this problem, and people should help to

prevent this problem which may cost people their lives . The federal government should

avoid the reasons for pollution. If the federal government does not do any thing with that,

it will be a bigger problem in the future, and we will be unable to stop it. Many people,

animals, and fish will die, and we will lose many thing in our lives .

There are many causes of pollution in our environment. For example, in the

ocean, many ships carry oil in the ocean and they spill the oil by mistake action in the

water. The major cause of pollution in the ocean is ships. According to Gordon

(2006), sources of pollution that we have come from ships at sea and their fuel. .

Pollution is caused by chemicals and other materials which spread in the Ocean for

example, gasoline and diesel fuel from ships Diesel exhaust cause pollution in Many

areas. According to Gordon (2006), cargo ships which burn high – Sulfur fuels, are

expected to double by 2020 if no further regulations are put in place . The Materials that

come from factories cause pollution in cites which are located in the coast. Garbage

which is thrown in the ocean by people and some companies like car companies and ship

companies cause pollution in the oceans. Because this garbage contains chemicals, it

may cause pollution and it may kill many fish and animals in the ocean. Also, the

factories which are located beside the coast throw Their waste in the ocean, and it costs

us our lives and our environments. According to Jane (2005), pollution at costal cites will

grow rapidly on the West Coast in coming decades due to China and the other Pacific

Rim nations that will increase imports to the United States. The biggest ports in

California , Los Angeles and Long Beach , suffer from pollution because many ships

come from different countries and stop at these ports. According to Jane (2005), “1,900

ships stop thousands of times every year” at ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, and

that cause many problems, one of them is pollution . These ships usually carry oil and

chemicals which are considered the major reason for pollution in the oceans.

The risk of pollution increase every day. It is harmful for people , fish , and

animals . If We focus on the risk of pollution , we will see how dangerous pollution can

be for all living things. Pollution kills million of fish every year. According to Richard

(2006), many animals and fish such as anchovies , squid , salmon , and mussels die every

year .Because these animals and fish eat polluted food, they receive diseases from these

food. According to Richard (2006) , diseases are increasing among fish and animals

which are living in the ocean , and the creature are often the first victims of diseases from

pollution . People need to pay attention because people can also develop infections from

these diseases. There are many illnesses that come from pollution like cancer .

According to Richard (2006), on the West coast ,dead and stranded sea

lions found on beaches are being diagnosed with cancer similar to cancers in humans.

Because some chemical materials spread through the oceans such as PCBs, many fish

have been effected on several beaches. According to Richard (2006), these chemicals not

only can affect fish and animals but also can affect humans . When pollution spread in

the water , it will stay for a long time and many fish and animals die. The water will be

unclear for a long time, and we can not use it for drinking or swimming. The beaches that

line the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles are very dangerous because of pollution. Another

source for pollution in the ocean is diesel exhaust from the engines of ships which can

cause many illnesses for all living things. Actually, people themselves can cause

pollution ,and they can prevent pollution at the same time. It is their decision . According

to Richard (2006), humans activities may be expanding the reach of diseases into the

marine environment and affecting in all living things .

The federal government should solve this problem before it get bigger. The

federal government should spend a lot of money to improve ports and ships. According

to Jane ( 2005 ) , the state’s two biggest ports, Los Angeles and Long Beach , have

already Invested from $ 2 million to $ 5 million dollars on improvements on ports. The

federal government also should force ships to use special kinds of engines. These

engines use cleaner- burning fuel . These engines will cost a lot of money, but it will

reduce pollution in the ocean . According to Gordon (2006), “a new engine costs a bout

$5,000”, and installing them will cost money, too. The state of California has two plans

to reduce pollution . First, ships will use engines which use a clean – burning distillate

fuel. Second, the state will control diesel exhaust , and the equipment would have to run

on low – sulfur fuel with pollution controls. According to Gordon (2006), The state of

California is expected to vote on two sets of regulations regarding ships and cargo

pollution and that should help to reduce pollution. However, the federal government

should install clear laws and it should be strict with ships. Ships which do not obey laws

will face fines by the government. Every port should have inspection points to inspect

ships. Companies which are located near Pacific coast , should not throw their garbage in

the ocean. If they do not care about people and fish, we care and we have the right to eat

clean food and drink clean water. There are some people who just care about their

business. Some car companies , ship companies , and chemical material companies

throw their garbage in the ocean which cause pollution. The federal government should

be strict with these companies and inspect them regularly. If they throw the garbage in

the ocean, their company should be closed by the government .

Pollution is really dangerous for all living things . Pollution effects our lives

because it causes a lot of diseases and kills many living things. There are many

reasons for pollution . The major reason for pollution in the ocean is ships which

carry chemical materials and oil. Sometimes, these carried materials spread in the

ocean and cause pollution . The other problem is that these materials stay in the

ocean for a long time . We have to be alert and try to avoid these actions . There are

many logical solutions for pollution and these solutions can be useful. We should

help each other to protect our environment from pollution. We need a free and safe

world and that is on of our rights. The government is responsible for this problem and

it should solve the pollution problem. We suffer from a pollution problem and we

should think about this problem. All countries should meet with each other and find

solutions for pollution I think that the coming years will be difficult for people because

pollution increase every day. According to Merline (2006), two studies show that concern

about ocean pollution might increase in the next few years , because the number of ships

increase and the pollution in the ocean s will increase. According to Merline (2006) , the

ocean takes such a long time to be clear from pollution when it spreads in it. When we

have ocean pollution, we can not get rid of pollution in a short time.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rules to Cut Pollution from Ships before Air Board


The author of the article, “Rules to Cut Pollution from Ships before Air Board”,Jane Kay , discusses the pollution which come from ships. The State of California state is trying to control tons of pollutants discharged by container ships. The California Air Resources is expected to make two sets of regulation regarding ship and cargo pollution. The ships would use a cleaner –burning distillate fuel in their engines. The other regulation control on diesel exhaust. This diesel exhaust can cause cancer and other illnesses. the two biggest ports in California , Los Angeles and Long Beach, spent a lot of money to improve cargo handling equipment that use diesel fuel .Finally, ships have to follow the regulation ,or they will face large fees.

In my opinion the ships should use the kind of engines that would reduce the pollution . Also, the government should force the ships to use these engines. Any ship that does not obey the order should receive fines from the government. Because these ships produce a lot of pollutants , the government should be strict with them. The government should also inspect and find the ships that are not obeying the regulation . Every ports should have inspection point to inspect ships

I agree with the author that the government should pay a lot of money to improve ships and ports. The people have the right to breathe clean air, and the government should support this solution. Also, I agree with the author that ships should use special kind of engines to reduce the pollution. If the ships use these kinds of engines, the fish and animals in the ocean will not die, and we will eat clean food. The government and the people should cooperate to solve all these problems, or many illnesses will spread in the next years.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Gender and Occupation

The occupation of women usually are waitress , nurses snd cashiers. The percents
that I found are waitress ( 69 % womn ) , nurses ( 91 % women ) and cashiers
( 76% women ). Also , nursing is the occupaiton in which the numbers of females has risen . I
found this information in this website, and
it gives some occupations and percents for every occupation . Also , this site is
mostly talking about women's lives and demands

In my opinion , the women can work in any occupations except some occupations which
need physical work . Also , in these days women can work in any occupation which they
like . However , they do not earn equal to men , and do not rise to high positions . I
think women tend to quit the job because they want to take care of thire families .
However , they complain about sexual , harassment and other problems and a lot of
countries try to solve these problems .

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rabbit and Turtle

This story is talking about a race between two animals . First, they are rabbit and turtle . Of course , the rabbit is faster
than the turtle . Next, when the race began, the rabbit ran far from the turtle , and the turtle still walked slowly . After
that , in the middle, the rabbit wanted to sleep and wake up before the turtle arrived , then , the turtle arrived , and it completed its way when the rabbit slept . Afterthat , the winer was the turtle. Finally , the turtle won , because the
rabbit did not care about the turtle .


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gender Roles

Brown and Hood (2002) in " Growing up male and female " state that society teaches children
their gender role . Babies are usually treated according to their gender . Fofexample ,girls
tend to be dressed in pink clothing , and boys in blue. Also, girls are handled more gently
than boys. Furthermore , girls are given dolls, but boys are given cars and trucks . When
babies start to talk , children learn the difference between words . Parents use words about
feelings more with girls than with boys .Furthermore, mothers tend to talk more politly, and
fathers tend to use more direct language. Girls taught to be "lady like " and are allowed to
express their feeling . Also ,girls learn the importance of being pretty . On the other hand,
boys are taught to behave "men like" ,and they are encouraged to be independent and strong .
Girls are socialized to think more about family , for example , to remember birthday. however,
boys are expected to be interested in the world outside family .Also, girls need more protection
than boys . Finallyt , In recent years , some parents are trying to socialize children into more
equal gender role . However, this is not an easy task because the parents found it hard to fight
against the gender lessons of books, the peer group, and school.